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Tip for January



One of the most common mistakes in chipping is the breakdown of the wrists through impact.

This fault causes inconsistency in the ball strike which makes it very difficult for the golfer to control the strength of his / her chip shots.

The hands must lead the clubhead through the ball in order to get a solid strike. The flipping of the wrists comes from trying to lift the ball in the air.

The following chipping drill will help you to feel the correct action of hands/wrists through the chipping stroke.

Use an alignment stick or if you do not have one, anything that looks similar.                       (We do stock alignment sticks in Paarl Pro Shop…..)

Grip part of the stick between the handle of your wedge and your hands. The rest of the stick will point past your left hip.

Hitting chips like this will stop you from flipping your wrists and give you the proper feeling of how the wrists should work. 



Once you have got the feeling, remove the stick and try to copy the action just with the club in your hands.