• Need new golfing Gear?
    Need new golfing Gear? The Paarl Pro-Shop will supply all your needs.
  • Get the best Coaching in Town
    Get the best Coaching in Town Improve your game in just a few lessons with Club Pro Ben Fouchee
  • The more you practice
    The more you practice The Luckier you'll get.
  • Improve your game
    Improve your game Playing better makes the game more fun
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Mission & Vision

Our mission at BF Golf Academy is to teach you more about the game of golf in a simple and uncomplicated way. We take you through sound basic principles to make sure you build your game on a solid foundation. 

Each golfer determines what he/she wants out of the game and what level they would like to play at. Our task is to assist the golfer in providing knowledge and understanding of his/her technique and which areas they need to improve in order to reach their goals.